Olympia University of Business & Technology

Message from the President

A quality higher education institution will follow you through life, enabling closed doors to open and enlightening opportunities you can never imagine. It will provide you with curiosities closed to others who have not taken the time and energy required for an advanced education

OUBT is committed to providing you with that opportunity. We will provide the tools necessary to not only grow your career advice but to succeed in any chosen endeavor. Our programs are created to provide two paths to success. The first is our skill-based training program where one can quickly gain skills for entry in the job market. The second is where one can combine the skills based training programs into an advanced master degree education. All our programs have assigned mentors, who are currently active in industry, to provide real world guidance and solutions.

Whichever path you chose (you can start with skills based and evolve into the degree) we promise to support you with modern tools, provide you modern skills desired in the market and our best efforts to get you into the job you desire.

If you are successful in reaching your career goals, then we have done our job.