Cloud Technology User Group


Accelerate Cloud Migration, Data Modernization and development of Accessible Data-centric Constituent Websites by developing and modernizing the skills of technologists in Government. We provide a forum for tech leaders from inside and outside Government to share experiences and best practices and we encourage a dialogue stemming from hands-on experience. We help tech leaders connect with industry experts and fuel the talent transformation needed to support our Government's ambitious move to digital.


To fuel digital transformation in Washington State Government by exposing technology resources to practical and effective strategies for modernization, enriching their skills so they can lead their organization's move to the cloud and to modern data technologies.

Focus Areas

Cloud Migration & Security

Cloud migration strategies, modernizing applications and deployment processes, DevOps, security, business continuity and disaster recovery, modern workplace management.

Data Modernization & Intelligence

Modern data management and storage strategies, migration of legacy data, approaches to scale for big data, tools for analytics and business intelligence.


Web accessibility assessment and implementation strategies, WCAG guidelines, best practices to improve user experience and customer satisfaction, especially for people with disabilities.


Exploring the power of automation and its best practices to enable governments improve speed of public service delivery and its quality.

How to Join or Volunteer

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Full Event - Inaugural Kickoff


This group is hosted by the Olympia University of Business and Technology (OUBT). Current coordinators are:

Mark Meyer

Senator Derek Stanford

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