Veteran Enrichment Programs
Helping veterans with resources toward an employable and sustainable future
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Our program aims at helping the U.S. Army veterans with an ecosystem of initiatives, curricula, and support to enable a sustainable employability in their post-service lives. The program enables veterans in navigating various transition challenges and helps equip them with the right tools.

Leveraging your experiences to progress in your post-service career

There are an estimated 18.4 million military veterans in the U.S. and their unemployment rate is at 6.6% in contrast with the non-veteran unemployment rate.

What Our Programs Offer to Veterans


Enabling veterans with a world-class learning experience that aids in preparing for various challenges


Aiming to provide different career opportunities for veterans, by developing their competencies and helping one to create a sustainable career path


Leveraging various networks and resources to support and aid in advancing the veteran-owned and run businesses


Utilizing a variety of services offered by industry-specific franchise professionals which helps in zeroing in on the appropriate franchise models

Veteran Transition Program

The Veteran Enrichment Program by OUBT plays a vital role in standing with the brave veterans throughout their integration back into civilian life. Our program boasts of 3 distinguished paths to help veterans with our objectives.

Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

Guiding veterans with various skills and providing an opportunity to put them on an entrepreneurial path

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Veteran Franchise Program

Building a platform that helps veterans conceptualize, and learn from franchisors to ultimately build and own the rights to their business concepts

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Veteran Training And Employment Program

Training and assisting veterans in achieving economic empowerment by directing them toward diverse employment opportunities

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