Olympia University of Business & Technology

Financial Information

Tuition Fees and Cost:

A detailed breakdown on tuition fee and other cost course related cost is shown below:

Cost and Fee Structure:
Application Fee $80
Course Fee * $250
Registration Fee $50
Late Registration Fee $50

* At present, any qualifying applicant would be receiving 100% scholarship from our sponsors CodeSmart Inc., PeopleTech, Ramp Group and FyrSoft.

To check if you qualify please reach out to us at for additional details and don’t miss out this limited time opportunity.

Payment Deadlines

Students have up to 24 hours after you register for classes to pay, otherwise your account wil be on financial hold. The university reserves the right to drop all your classes for non-payment.Please make sure to read our Accepted Forms of Payment page.

imageCombining Hybrid Learning with our Flex! Program ensure maximum
learning efficiency and helps in implementing our Day-1 Utilization Approach.image