Data is at the center stage of your business growth. Making the best use of it helps companies with the proper decision-making with a strategic approach.

Companies lack the right approach to use the data appropriately to get robust, actionable insights. Leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence makes it easy for companies to harness the incredible power of big data.

The Data Modernization and Intelligence user group is created to address challenges that businesses face and improve data management. We believe technology can build a better future through the continuous improvement of the human condition. The Data Modernization and Intelligence user group focuses on creating a platform for like-purposed technologists connected by a joint mission and vision.

This group focuses on learning industry best practices to leverage data, make the most out of it, meet industry leaders, conduct events, and perform mind-sharing activities to improve business intelligence.

Who Can Join the User Group?

This group is open for everyone. All cloud industry enthusiasts are welcome to join and benefit.

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Who Are We?

The group is led by passionate individuals from the industry. The events are organized by the Olympia University of Business and Technology (OUBT) that is built on a foundation of focused-based academics, real-world learning, industry-connected knowledge, and targeted internships.


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Core Team

Mark Meyer

Jegadesh Sankar


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