Olympia University of Business & Technology


Steve Wood

Steve Wood - 6th Employee at Microsoft in 1976. On the founding team of Asymetrix, Starwave, and Interval Research. Founded Notable Technologies and Wireless Services Corporation (now SinglePoint).

Board member of Investools (SWIM) 1992-2007. Vice-Chair of WTIA (Washington State's technology trade association). Experienced in software and telecommunications technologies and business models. Experienced in corporate governance for both public and private companies, and compliance with Sarbannes Oxley.

Specialties: Corporate development, corporate governance, organization, business and financial models, teambuilding, market analysis, product design, distribution strategy

Curt Miller

Curt Miller - Senior technology leader (CTO/VP of Development) with documented results guiding the commercially-successful development of mobile applications, cloud platforms and client/server software.

Experience recruiting, mentoring, and managing teams of up to 35 people in the end-to-end development of high-speed systems, large storage and search systems, database applications, mobile messaging products, and cloud applications -- including Cloud/SaaS systems that can successfully scale from thousands to millions of users and survive the 10% growth/month curve.

Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy, a co-founder of Ramp, is primarily focused on developing the firm’s solution portfolio and managing its consulting services operations.

With over 25 years of experience growing and managing technology organizations, Bob excels at building, motivating, and inspiring teams to achieve business goals. He has helped both global enterprise and mid-market clients develop actionable, high-ROI technology strategies and high-impact enterprise solutions.

As the CIO of, he built a technology team of over 200 people who designed, developed, and operated the award-winning B2C e-commerce site. At NewTec Consulting, Bob built a project consulting team of over 100 people who developed enterprise solutions for Microsoft, AT&T, Boeing and Weyerhaeuser.

At Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), he was a co-founder of the company’s Workstation Technology practice and led their technology strategy efforts at Sprint Corporation.

Bob holds bachelor’s degrees in applied mathematics and operations research from the University of Tulsa’s College of Engineering.