Olympia University of Business & Technology


Instructor led training

Professors at OUBT are highly qualified industry professionals with many years of experience as entrepreneurs and IT professionals. The professors hail from top companies in Washington state and Olympia, also having served and serving in top companies like Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, State of Washington, etc. with real time industry experience to the classroom bringing a focus on real-time scenarios to the classroom and imparting real-world lessons and experience to the students, OUBT strives to enable a newly defined era of learning.

Instructors carry real world experience from top multinationals into classrooms and mentor our students to learn a career with a long career path as well as high earning potential. Each software engineering course is presented by an expert in the subject and includes the following aspects.

  • Class size confined to 10-15 students.
  • White Board explanation
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Video portions
  • Shadowing projects so students gain real time experience
  • Career Mentorship
  • Computer based practical sessions
  • One-on-One attention by the instructor

Luke Hansen


Luke brings a wide range of experience to the CodeSmart team. He has been involved in the IT industry since 2005. He started his career as a system administrator then became a full time software developer with CodeSmart in 2011. His experience ranges from nonprofit data migration efforts and large scale federal software system implementations to networking and security consulting.

Luke’s passion centers around building innovative and maintainable solutions through effective communication with clients and solid team leadership. A focus on teaching and individual mentorship means each team member’s unique skill set is utilized to its fullest extent. Any team member’s individual opportunities for growth are worked on to create an environment of collaboration and overall team satisfaction.This unique skill set has moved Luke toward a more significant focus on instruction and mentorship. He is keenly excited to join the OUBT team and looks forward to helping all students succeed.


Todd Nelson


Todd brings over 17 years of experience in software development that has included all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDL). After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle Multimedia in 1997, he began his career developing Shockwave games programmed in Lingo hosted within VBScript Active Server Pages. Todd has been developing .Net applications in C# since the framework’s early days in beta.

Todd has worked on a wide variety of applications in both the public and private sector and has demonstrated success in creating systems and applications that are optimal, scalable adapting to increased demands, and focused on high volume, availability and accuracy.


Charles Cherry


Charles has been active in the software development field for over twenty years. He has a wealth of experience in a diverse set of industries, including, but not limited to: insurance, health care, manufacturing, state, county, and federal government, small business, and education. His experience ranges from architecting and developing client/server business applications for small companies to large-scale enterprise web development for Fortune 100 companies and state government agencies

Charles brings to the CodeSmart team many years of experience as a teacher, classroom instructor, seminar speaker, and mentor, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge in an approachable, easy-to-understand manner. Charles believes that software industry has been very good to him, and he looks forward to helping as many others as possible achieve an even greater level of career satisfaction and personal success through OUBT.


Chris Fuess


Chris Fuess has been programing professionally for academic and state agencies for over 18 years, writing desktop applications, web applications, setting up environmental sensor networks, and developing software to control motors. This experience allows him to take a top-down, goals-oriented, pragmatic approach to development. He delivers software that is fast, easy to understand, and maintainable.

Chris started working at CodeSmart in 2014 and has worked with Washington state agencies such as Department of Health, Labor and Industries, and the Department of Early Learning. He knows what it takes to work with enterprise architectures, legacy code and data as well as writing new applications from the ground up.

Chris enjoys working with others and is excited to share his knowledge. He feels software development is meant to be fun and is a process in which one continually improves. With the rapid rate of change in platforms and devices there are always new things to learn.

Chris enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, running, biking, hiking, programming and playing board games with family and friends and other pursuits.